I admit to having casually watched a few of the recent Twitch streams of The Ditty of Carmeana. Watching video game videos is not something I ever really do, unless I am watching my own game so as to exploit streamers for free play-testing, or if I want to see a particular scene from a video game. A good number of the things I see in streams baffle me, and I will write a post about that later.

But there’s one thing more baffling than just about anything I’ve ever seen. I saw three streams where the streamer got lost and just wandered around aimlessly for awhile, until they stumbled into the correct location, or someone in the chat told them to pull up the Maps App. (Also one streamer who never managed to get the Maps App. Oh well that’s what you get for not listening to Tabitha.)

You’re a twitch streamer. You play video games regularly. The ones who I watched steam video games at least on a weekly basis. A big chunk of your life is wrapped up in video games, be it as a free time hobby, a legitimate side gig, or a full time job.

How on Earth can you be one of these people, and when when you get lost, your first instinct is not to pull up a map?

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