The Macguffin

A few detailed oriented fans of the original Demo might have noticed in one of the walls of text I included in the game for world-building purposes mentioned an ancient holy artifact known as the Ecrofirt, to serve as the game’s Macguffin.  This was, of course, part of the larger scope of the game, but didn’t come into play, at all, for the demo.

Any idiot can figure out that “Ecrofirt” this is just “Triforce” spelled backwards.  I was using the name more or less as a placeholder until inspiration stuck me with a better one.

For the updated bugfix Demo, I decided that even “Ecrofirt” wasn’t obvious enough.  I renamed it the Triorb (which I pictured as three green glass balls arranged in a triangle) which I hoped would remind people of the Triforce, so they’d know it was important when they saw it mentioned.


Recently, in my work to create 1/3 of the game for a general release, two things happened.  First, I had a sudden inspiration for what to call the Macguffin: the Ricohedron (never mind where that term comes from), which is two tetrahedra joined at their bases.  Second, I realized that the way to set up the Ricohedron as the game’s Macguffin is to actually show it being stolen (duh).  Therefore, I am having the game’s opening cut scene show this, and I might as well show Princess Carmeana being kidnapped while I’m at it.


Anyway, here is The Ditty of Carmeana’s very own Triforce, the powerful holy relic known as the Ricohedron:

Underwheming, isn’t it?

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