Work/Life Balance

In the year or so leading up to the release of the Demo of The Ditty of Carmeana, I worked a full-time job but managed to find plenty of time to work on the game to get it ready for a release.

Now that I’m planning to turn the demo into a full release, I can’t manage it.  Figures, right?

Actually it does, non-ironically.  When I was finishing up the demo, I had frozen all features and the problems I was facing were narrowly-focused: testing, controls, fixing bugs, stuff like that.  Now that I’m back into full development mode (or trying to be at least) the problems I face are very open, and it’s a lot harder to focus and find time with a full work schedule.

This is not a major roadblock though.  In a few weeks I am reducing my hours to 50%.  (This was made easier for me because some changes at work made it into not quite as nice a job as it used to be.  Also, depending on stuff, my reduction in hours will either be perfect timing or the worst timing imaginable, but either way I’m doing it.)  So, hopefully I reduce hours and tip the scale of work/life balance in a direction than can accommodate game development, I’ll start to make some real progress.

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